Prismatic Modeling Concepts and Workflow:

Experience in "on the fly" design where the model/engineering requirements change constantly. We have a deep understanding of Prismatic modeling using a plain based, skeletal foundation at its core.

2D Drawing:

Create 2D blueprints that are linked and updated with the 3D model.

3D Modeling:

Design, draw, and manipulate any object or solid shape in a 3D space.

3D Assembly:

Combine hundreds of 3D components to create accurate, true-to-life representations of the project. This allows us to test for correct fit, clash, center of gravity, and weight before a single part is manufactured.

Data Management:

We routinely deal with hundreds of assembly links, massive assembly trees, and complex file systems. DeWys Engineering also has experience in data translation between tier-one-suppliers and OEMs.

Basic 3D surfacing:

Create and manipulate 3D surfaces.

Photo Realistic Rendering:

Using the materials library and photo rendering tools in Catia we output marketing ready images using your manufacturing CAD data.

CNC Mill and Lathe NC Programming:

Create any kind of CAM program or simulation for a 3 axis mill or simple lathe.

Reverse Engineering:

Experience in applying Mesh, NURBS, and STL scan data to generate 3D models that are exact to the original object. more info...