DeWys Engineering has a full seat of AutoCAD Mechanical 2D design software and the HyDraw plugin. HyDraw is a brand new solution to creating 2D layouts and detailed BOM’s of hydraulic systems.

Rapid Turnaround:

The Hydraw plugin, coupled with AutoCAD, allows for significantly reduced drawing times compared to conventional AutoCAD or analogue drawing methods.

Accurate Representation:

Create accurate prints that use industry standard hydraulic symbols and nomenclature. This 2D representation of the hydraulic circuits can be used in both construction and maintenance.

Full BOM:

Produce prints with fully detailed BOMs that allow for easy conveyance of information, such as part counts, part numbers, descriptions, etc.

Fully Updatable:

Hydraw creates digital records of your circuits, which can be easily modified or updated as the parts are changed or replaced.

Plant Floor Layout:

AutoCAD allows for the creation of 2D plant blueprints which assist in renovations, expansions, or equipment layout