Inspection and Reverse Engineering

DeWys Engineering offers part inspection and reverse engineering services using the FARO Platinum Arm Platform, located in DeWys Engineering’s quality lab.

About FARO:

Uses traditional contact-based part probing or non-contact 3D laser scanning.

It is a Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (PCMM). It can be moved to nearly any job site for direct, on-site measurements.

Has a volumetric accuracy of +/- .0017” (Hard Probing), or +/- .0025” (3D Scanning).

Click here for more information on the FARO Platinum Arm.

Click here for more information on the FARO Laser Line Probe V3.

About the Lab:

DeWys Engineering's Quality Lab comes equipped with a Laboratory Grade A granite inspection surface plate enabling extremely accurate measurements.

Temperature controlled environment for consistent inspections.

Reverse Engineering Services:

The FARO Arm, with Geomagic Design X, takes any real world part and accurately captures it digitally for use in a CAD system (SolidWorks or CATIA). DeWys Engineering can use this combination of hardware and software for a number of purposes:

Capture measurements for parts that either never had CAD data, or have been altered significantly from when the original CAD data was generated.

Take hand built prototypes, or one-of-a-kind parts, and digitally recreate them with precise measurements. This allows for digital documentation, CAD data and prints.

Capture the exterior shape of an existing part that will be used in the design of a new mating part.

Inspection Services

The FARO, in conjunction with Geomagic Verify and CMM-Manager software, captures raw measurement data of a real world object, for a full CAD inspection. DeWys Engineering can then produce full inspection reports, in easy to understand graphics and color maps. These reports illustrate how accurate the object is, to its manufacturing CAD model.

DeWys Engineering can use our FARO and software technology to assist you in both inspection and reverse engineering projects, either in our lab, or at your site