2D Drawing:

Create 2D blueprints that are linked and updated with the 3D model as well as custom title blocks with smart properties. more info...

Reverse Engineering:

Experience in applying Mesh, NURBS, and STL scan data to generate 3D models that are exact to the original object. more info...

Custom Seed Part Library Creation and Maintenance:

Experience in building equation based models the can be driven by Excel design tables. This allows for anyone to build simple parts to aid in the sales and quoting process.

3D Modeling:

Design, draw, and manipulate any object or solid shape in a 3D space.

Prismatic Modeling Concepts and Workflow:

Experience in "on the fly" design where the model/engineering requirements change constantly. We have a deep understanding of Prismatic modeling using a plain based, skeletal foundation at its core.

Sheet Metal Parts:

We design 3D sheet metal parts and assemblies, which unfold into flat, 2D prints. These 2D prints come complete with bend lines and ready to laser cut .dxf blank files.

Weldment Parts:

We can create and design a full 3D representation of a weldment, detailed in blueprints. These blueprints will guide in the cutting, assembly, and welding of the part on the shop floor.

Photo Realistic Rendering:

Using the materials library and photo rendering tools in Catia we output marketing ready images using your manufacturing CAD data.

Basic FEA analysis:

Using FEA tools in SolidWorks Premium, we perform basic design performance tests to determine potential materials the part might be made out of.

CAM Programming:

Utilizing HSMWorks Express, we can assist you in programming your parts to be cut on both CNC mills and lathes.