Reverse Engineering Service


Utilizing traditional contact-based part probing at +/- .0016” or the non-contact 3D laser scanning at +/- .0025”. This Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (PCMM) can be taken to any job site for direct measurements within hours of receiving a call or email.

Reverse Engineering

Using Design X CAD software combined with the FARO Arm we are able to take digital captures of an object and perform the following:


DE has a onsite metrology lab that is temperature controlled and has the ability to accept large parts that require movement with a Hi-lo.

Send us your scan / probe data

DE has several customers who send us raw scan data files and have us handle the reverse engineering they need completed. This saves them the cost of maintaining a seat of Design X as well as the training to keep a user proficient in the software.

3D Printing Service

DeWys Engineering is located in the same building as its sister company, Forerunner 3D printing. Due to this, DE is able to offer its customers not only engineering services and 3D laser scanning, but also 3D printed parts using SLA, FDM, SLS, CLIP and Metal Printing as well as Quick Cast investment casting patterns.

For more information on our 3D Printing capabilities, please click the link below:

CAD Design Service

2D Drawings:

Create 2D blueprints that are linked and updated with the 3D model as well as custom title blocks with smart properties.

Reverse Engineering:

Using Mesh, NURBS and STL scan data we are able to generate 3D models that are exact replicas of the original object.

3D Modeling:

Capable of building equation based models that can be driven using Excel design tables. This allows anyone to build simple parts to aid with sales and quoting processes.

3D Assembly:

Combining hundreds of 3D components, we are able to create accurate, true-to-life representations of any project allowing us to perform structural tests like correct fit, clash, center of gravity and mass of an object all before a single part is manufactured.

Advanced 3D surfacing:

Create and manipulate 3D surfacing for a endless variety of simple to complex projects like machine nesting.

Prismatic Modeling Concepts and Workflow:

Experience in “on the fly” design where the model/engineering requirements change constantly. We have a deep understanding of Prismatic modeling using a plane based, skeletal foundation at its core.

Sheet Metal Parts:

We design 3D sheet metal parts and assemblies, which unfold into flat, 2D prints. These 2D prints come complete with bend lines and ready to laser cut .dxf blank files.

Weldment Parts:

We can create and design a full 3D representation of a weldment, detailed in blueprints. These blueprints will guide in the cutting, assembly, and welding of the part on the shop floor.

Photo Realistic Rendering:

Using the CAD data of your project, we are able to create marketing ready images to capture a complete perspective of your device.

Data Management:

We routinely deal with hundreds of assembly links, massive assembly trees, and complex filing systems. DE also has experience in data translation between tier-one-suppliers and OEMs.

Basic FEA analysis:

This allows us to complete design performance tests on your parts to determine the best materials to make your part from given their purpose.

CAM Programming:

Experience in porting out programs to HAAS & HURCO Equipment.

Plant Floor Layout:

AutoCAD allows for the creation of 2D plant blueprints which assist in renovations, expansions, or equipment layout

Automated Equipment

DeWys Engineering has experience in the engineering and design of custom shop floor equipment. Using the technology at your fingertips and our trusted vendors, we are able to get 3D CAD of purchased parts including robots. This ability to fully design the automated equipment digitally allows us to have confidence that our designs will work right the first time. Our 2D prints fully lay out each detail and sub-assembly of the machine as well as all the purchased parts with quantities and part numbers for ease of ordering. We are also able to set up and perform full motion studies in order to ensure critical machine timing is accurate and repeatable in the real world before any building has begun.



Agricultural / Heavy Equipment

DeWys Engineering has helped multiple customers in both heavy equipment and farm equipment new machine design (including purchased part sourcing, R&D, project management, prototype production, and infield trials) as well as engineering updates to existing equipment. We bring our background in mechanical engineering, mechanism design, weldments, sheet metal, hydraulics, and controls integration to each new project in order to design equipment that meets or exceeds our customers design specifications

Product Development

We have designed with many different materials (including plastics and silicone) as well as worked with electrical engineers to integrate electro-mechanical systems into products. We use the traditional approach of starting with industrial design sketches and working into a full 3D design with the end goal being a 3D printed prototype that is fully functional. Where we differ from other firms is our strong background in manufacturing. We don’t just design and engineer a product that will meet the customers end goal, we also design a product that is manufacturable in a cost effective manner with the least amount of upfront tooling and start up costs. DeWys Engineering can also manage the sourcing and project management of your manufacturing.

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