Product Development

DeWys Engineering has experience working with both large and small startup hardware makers in the consumer product space using Soildworks 3D CAD.

New Product Development:

We have designed with many different materials (including plastics and silicone) as well as worked with electrical engineers to integrate electro-mechanical systems into products. We use the traditional approach of starting with industrial design sketches and working into a full 3D design with the end goal being a 3D printed prototype that is fully functional. Where we differ from other firms is our strong background in manufacturing. We don’t just design and engineer a product that will meet the customers end goal, we also design a product that is manufacturable in a cost effective manner with the least amount of upfront tooling and start up costs. DeWys Engineering can also manage the sourcing and project management of your manufacturing.

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Locally owned and operated from Coopersville Michigan.

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