Reverse Engineering Service

With accuracy down to two-thousandths of an inch, DE offers a Reverse Engineering Service built to handle your most complicated parts and assemblies.


Utilizing traditional contact-based part probing at +/- .0016” or the non-contact 3D laser scanning at +/- .0025”. This Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine (PCMM) can be taken to any job site for direct measurements within hours of receiving a call or email.

Reverse Engineering

Using Design X CAD software combined with the FARO Arm we are able to take digital captures of an object and perform the following:


DE has a onsite metrology lab that is temperature controlled and has the ability to accept large parts that require movement with a Hi-lo.

Send us your scan / probe data

DE has several customers who send us raw scan data files and have us handle the reverse engineering they need completed. This saves them the cost of maintaining a seat of Design X as well as the training to keep a user proficient in the software.

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