Job Title:  Machine Designer

Report To: Lead Engineer

Work location: Coopersville, MI

Authored By: Jennifer Bissard

Approved By: Paul DeWys

Type Position: Full-Time-Hourly

Wage Range: $15-25 per hour

Benefits:  Health Benefits, Vacation Benefits, Holiday, Overtime, and Flex Schedule


Responsible for machine design projects in SolidWorks 2017/2018 from start to completion. Designer is responsible for providing the customer with quality, manufacturable, designs.



  1. Communicating with the customer to understand specific equipment requirements.
  2. Communicating project requirements internally with other members of our team and externally to our customers builders
  3. Communicating externally with vendors for purchased component selection
  4. Capable of sketching rough machine concepts on a white board or paper and present it to the DE team / end customer
  5. Must be able to effectively run a group meeting or design review consisting of: customers, builders, controls engineers, sales people
  6. Meet budgetary objectives and make adjustments to project constraints based on financial analysis by management team
  7. Collaborate in a team office environment and help contribute ideas based on your experience (team player)


  1. Part surface modeling
  2. In context part & assembly modeling
  3. Analyzing simple motion for functionality and interference
  4. Create detail & assembly drawings
  5. Assist in troubleshooting during manufacturing and build of equipment

Other Design Exposure:

DE is an extremely diversified engineering company which means you will be working on other non-machine design related projects from time to time as well. If you know about or have done any of the following types of work previously, that is an added bonus but not required, we will train you:

  1. Sheet metal / injection molded plastic enclosure design
  2. Inspection gages and fixtures
  3. Heavy agricultural, construction, and mining equipment
  4. Automotive components (powertrain, trim, lighting, ect)
  5. Aircraft components (2D to 3D print conversions and engineering changes)
  6. Hydraulic cylinder design
  7. Foundry casting design (aerospace, automotive, infrastructure)
  8. Clean sheet R&D projects that require coming up with totally new products for both the consumer and industrial markets
    1. Including working with electrical engineers to design electro mechanical products
  9. 3D Laser Scanning and Reverse Engineering using a Faro Arm and Geomagic Design X
  10. Running industrial 3D Printers and post processing parts


Desirable Personal Characteristics:

  1. Unquestionable ethics and integrity
  2. Highly motivated & comfortable with a rapidly evolving business environment.
  3. Attention to detail
  4. Positive, can do attitude
  5. Is open minded and understands multiple processes can be used to achieve the same result
  6. Willing to design the way the customer wants

Technical Capabilities:

  1. Must have experience with SolidWorks: 2 Years minimum
    1. Assemblies
    2. Configurations
    3. 3D Part Nesting/surface molding
  2. Added experience in Inventor, CATIA, UG NX, ProE (Creo), ect bonus but not required
  3. Ability and willingness to learn on the job and on your own from online tutorials, community forums, Google, and further formal education etc.
  4. Ability to work on multiple projects concurrently while still being very detail oriented
  5. Understanding of Dimensional Tolerance, Geometric Tolerance, and Fit
  6. Knowledge of drawing specifications for defining weldments, machine parts, and Sheetmetal parts and assemblies
  7. Knowledge of different machine tool capabilities, and how to design for manufacture with them.
    1. Manual mill / lathe
    2. 3 axis CNC milling
    3. Surface grinding
    4. 4&5 axis CNC milling, mill turn, and large weldment machining a bonus but not required
  8. Knowledge of different metal fabrication methods, and how to design for manufacture with them.
    1. Weldment fabrication
      1. Sawing, Welding
    2. Sheet metal guarding / paneling fabrication
      1. 2D cutting, brake press
  9. Basic Excel skills for setting up and populating BOM


  1. 2 year mechanical design based degree with 2+ years working experience in a machine design related job or High School graduate with 5+ years of machine design experience
  2. Previous engineering/design experience using  SolidWorks is a must.
  3. CSWP will be required for employment but you can interview with out one and earn it within 12 months of hire.
    1. If you already have a CSWA or CSWP this is be a huge bonus

Key Performance Measurements (KPIs):

  1. Obtains SolidWorks (CSWP) certification within 12 months of hire if not already held
  2. Able to independently support multiple customers within 3 months


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