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Stressed out about how your design will work in the "real world"?

Once your 3D CAD design is at a point where it needs to be prototyped, hand it over to the Forerunner 3D Printing Team and they will transform it from bit in a computer to atoms you can hold!

Have your past designs suffered from...

  • Long lead times?
  • Part issues not identified until it was too late?
  • Not able to get products to market quick enough?

We Can Help!

Whether you need one part for testing, 10 parts to build a machine, 100 parts to start production while waiting on tooling, or thousands of parts for low volume production, Forerunner 3D Printing has options that can help.

prototyping with additive manufacturing


Quickly and easily turn a design into a physical part for testing or proof of concept.

additive manufacturing and 3d printing for pre-production


Ready to bring a product to production but need parts before your injection mold is available? We can help.

low volume production with additive manufacturing

Low Volume Production

One off or low volume production is the bread and butter of the HP MJF process, let us handle your manufacturing.

Forerunner 3d printing

Interested in learning more about Forerunner 3D Printing and its additive manufacturing capabilities? Or maybe you just need 3D printing services for the CAD data you already have. Either way, check out Forerunner 3D's website below for a full machine list, design guides, material options, and a lot more!

Working with DeWys Engineering is Effortless


Our engineers with generate your 3D CAD design.


They will then work with Forerunner 3D Printing to get your parts printed.


Within a few daya you will have a physical version of your part, in hand, to test and evaluate.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

Continued business

"Thank you for all your help and most certainly look forward to continuing business with you."

Medical Device Customer

Project Lead

Great to work with

"The DeWys team is incredibly competent with their services and strive for high quality work. I have worked with them through multiple companies - their prototyping/production capabilities are unmatched in West Michigan along with being very easy and enjoyable to work with."

Consumer Goods Customer

Manufacturing Engineer

Great service and quality

"Great customer service, and very well-trained staff. Very willing to help customers and provide many great services!"

Foundry Customer

Engineering Manager

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