3D Printed – SLA - Panorama view of the Forerunner 3D Printing lab with 2 SLA printers in it

3D Printing Service

3D Printing offers an extremely fast and cost effective solution for producing prototype parts

DeWys Engineering is located in the same building as its sister company, Forerunner 3D printing. Due to this, DE is able to offer its customers not only engineering services and 3D laser scanning, but also 3D printed parts using SLA, FDM, SLS, CLIP and Metal Printing as well as Quick Cast investment casting patterns.

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F3DP offers in house SLA Printing in 2 materials:

Somos Watershed – A clear material with a slight blue tint. Watershed is an ABS-like material that can either be sanded extensively and cleared for things like lenses and light pipes or can be blasted with a water hone to a milk jug like opaque finish. This material is great for parts that require an inside view to check the fit and function of internal components or to look for water and dust intrusion into the assembly during testing.

Somos NeXt – A off white material with strong ABS like characteristics. NeXt is F3DP most popular material and the one we are most likely to steer customers to if they are unsure of what type of material they should use for their part. This material is also very well suited for model making and can be sanded, filled and painted with automotive quality colors and surface finishes by F3DP’s in house model making staff.

More information on the SLA 3D printing process:

F3DP runs 3D Systems SLA 5000’s these are incredibly versatile machines that have the ability to print in layers as thin as .004″ and produce features as small as .002″ when parts are properly oriented on the build platform. These machines also offer a large build platform of 20″ cubed to allow for large parts. In the event that a part is to big to fit on the machine we have the ability to split the part into sections, print each one individually, and then light weld them back together to form large parts.

Other 3D Printing Technologies Available from F3DP:

To talk about 3D printing on your project shoot us an email at info@DeWysEng.com or give us a call at (616)604-1977 ex 101

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