Design for Manufacturability

30+ Years of Experience

Team of long term employees

Have you had issues with past projects suffering from sub par engineering?

Don't let your project get bogged down from constant redesigns, lack of engineering capacity, or unmanufacturable designs.

Are you projects failing from...

  • Lack of in-house CAD Designers?
  • Inability to go to market because designs are getting sent back from manufacturing?
  • Slipping schedules and missed deadlines?
  • Poor communication or lackluster project management?
  • No support after the designs are delivered?

We Can Help!

The following are the major sectors we provide Mechanical Engineering and CAD Design Services for. Don't see what you are looking for? Let us know and if we can't help, we probably know someone who can:

general cad and egineering support

General CAD & Enginnering Support Services

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automated equipment design

Automated Equipment Design

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shot floor fixtures and tooling design

Shop Floor Fixtures & Tooling Design

firearm and defense equipment design

Firearm and Defense Related Equipment Design

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heavy duty and off road machinery design

Heavy Equipment & Off Road Machinery Desig

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farm and agricultural equipment design

Farm & Agricultural Equipment Design

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fabricated sheet metal and weldment design

Fabricated Sheet Metal and Weldment Design

new product delelopment

New Product Development

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design for additive manufacturing and 3d printing

Design For Additive Manufacturing

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Trusted By Companies Like Yours:

Whether its a simple work holding fixture, a new machine for potting plants automatically in a green house, or rocket parts headed to the edge of space, we are looking to work with you on your most challenging engineering problems and vexing production issues! We also pride ourselves on making sure we communicate clearly and often with our customers to keep them in the loop on our progress with their project. After the design work is done the job is just beginning for our customers, for that reason we are always there to support and assist during the entire pre-production and manufacturing process.

Working with DeWys Engineering is Effortless


Reach out, let us know what you are working on and how we can help.


We'll execute your vision, designing the product you need.


We will deliver the CAD files to your specifications and support your team as you build the final product.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

Great to work with

"The DeWys team is incredibly competent with their services and strive for high quality work. I have worked with them through multiple companies - their prototyping/production capabilities are unmatched in West Michigan along with being very easy and enjoyable to work with."

Consumer Goods Customer

Manufacturing Engineer

Great service and quality

"Great customer service, and very well-trained staff. Very willing to help customers and provide many great services!"

Foundry Customer

Engineering Manager

Continued business

"Thank you for all your help and most certainly look forward to continuing business with you."

Medical Device Customer

Project Lead

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